One of SEUG's primary activities is to sponsor an annual meeting at alternating locations throughout the Southeast. With QAD's annual Explore Conference held in the Spring each year, SEUG offers its members an additional user conference in the Fall to provide both educational and networking opportunities and serve as a means of communication between QAD and its User Community on issues of common interest.

Specifically, SEUG Conferences offer the following objectives:

  • Provide a forum for Members to exchange information about QAD software, its implementation and utilization.

  • Networking with other members as a resource for learning, problem resolution, and continuous improvements.

  • Provide a forum to learn about QAD Business Partners and other Vendors of third-party software and consulting services.

  • Provide a broadcast platform where QAD can present information about current and future releases of QAD software.

  • Provide an advisory resource in which the User community  speaks to QAD as a unified voice regarding feedback on current functionality of the software and its future direction.

In order to provide meetings of broad appeal, SEUG Conferences cover Tracks in the following areas:
Manufacturing - Technical - Financial - Business Process

Upcoming Virtual Events & Webinars
Below is an update on upcoming virtual training events related to QAD. Staying connected during this challenging time is more crucial than ever and SEUG is committed to brining its members regular updates on valuable resources available for QAD end-users. 

Supply Chain Changes and Challenges
(sponsored by 32 Soft Inc.)

Simplified Screens: Keeping People's Noses in Their Own Business
(sponsored by Sungate Solutions)

Progress Talks: Let's Talk 12
(sponsored by Progress)

Data Hacks Live: Breaking Down Data Silos
(sponsored by Phocas Software)

QAD Dates—How Data is Driven
(sponsored by 32 Soft Inc.)

Podcast: Eliminate Uncertainty, Ambiguity, & Manual Process
Podcast: Document Management & Workflow Automation in QAD
(sponsored by PICS/Eclipse Corp.)

PROGRESS: On-Demand Webinars:
Using Pro2 for Migration
Pro2 for Real Time Reporting & Data Access 
OpenEdge Users Discuss Managed DBA


Strategic Information Group: On-Demand Webinars
MiTek/AP Automation Case Study 
The Future of Financial Reporting 
> View Other On-Demand Webinars HERE


Cyberscience: On-Demand Webinars
Cyberquery for Progress Overview
Cyberquery Financial Reporting and Operational Data Marts 

No upcoming events at the moment

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