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32 Soft Inc

Alex Kim


Richmond Hill


Our software enables QAD users to get Instant Massive Results managing Pricelists, Forecast, Schedule, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Journal Entries, Budget, BOM’s, Routings and other. * Triple 3X user productivity managing QAD ERP data. * Eliminate manual work-arounds, duplication, "black box" processes. * Accelerate ERP information flow to get orders shipped on time. * Reach your goals faster with 32 Soft!

Adaptivity, Inc.

John Graham




Adaptivity, Inc. is a professional services and products company dedicated to supporting the QAD community. The products and services offered by Adaptivity are designed to help your company quickly adapt and become more agile to support the dynamic business environment. Our offerings include traditional QAD implementation and support, business optimization, CIO support, and products that can help your organization adapt to your ever-changing requirements.


Daniel Dimm

VP, Business Development



Amatas' goal is to protect your QAD ERP environment and people by providing cost-effective managed detection and response, cyber awareness training, security assessments, penetration testing, vCISO and VDPO services, so you can focus back on your business.


Leah Weston

Partner Marketing Manager



Avalara helps businesses achieve compliance with sales tax, excise tax, and other transactional tax requirements. Our platform manages complicated and burdensome tax compliance obligations imposed by state, local, and other taxing authorities in the United States and internationally.

Avercast, LLC

John Mayer

Account Executive



Avercast has been a leader in demand planning software for decades. Our philosophy of working with our customers to develop according to industry and company growth has kept us relevant and on the cutting edge of supply chain software technology. With customers in nearly every industry and integrations with nearly every ERP system, we work to identify and understand unique supply chain challenges, create software solutions, and facilitate the balance of supply and demand. Contact Avercast today and see just how accurate our 200+ forecasting algorithms can be.

Broom Street Software

Martin Cohen

Chief Information Officer



Broom Street Software is an enterprise software solutions provider made of up highly experienced QAD® professionals. Their newest technology Mobile Desk® includes APPS for iPhone, iPad, Android and Web Portal to retrieve and update your QAD data anytime/anywhere. They effectively assist their clients with the challenges relating to QAD enterprise planning, customization, system installation, training, documentation and support. They draw upon years of experience in discrete and repetitive manufacturing practices, distribution systems, inventory control methods, finance practices, and quality tracking/control systems. In addition to their full range of QAD services and products, they offer solutions for most IT infrastructure requirements.

Cyberscience Corp.

Mike Main

Regional Manager



Cyberquery is a full-featured report writer with native access to MFG/PRO. No ODBC or other middleware is required. Cyberscience provides a complete data dictionary for all tables and fields in MFG/PRO. Additionally, a library of pre-written reports is available. Cyberquery makes the complex joins necessary for reporting with the QAD system transparent to the user.

Eagle Consulting & Development

Michele Pickard




Eagle's automated data collection and bar coding product, RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Applications, is seamlessly integrated with QAD and is available in an on premise, cloud-based or blended deployment. Customers choose Eagle's fault-proof, real-time functionality to leverage their QAD investment and achieve their data accuracy, inventory accuracy, labor cost and efficiency goals. Eagle has been recognized by QAD as Partner of the Year nine times. Over 800 customers at 3,000 sites around the world rely on Eagle.

Factivity, Inc.

Oskar Schwarz

Director of Operations



FACTIVITY, provides a comprehensive collection of "Progress based" Factory Floor Data Collection and Touch Screen MES WORKBENCH: * Easy-to-learn User Interface for 16.x, 17.x and 18.22.x transactions * Real-time RF TRANSACTIONS for issues, receipts, bar coding * Improve labor costing & accountability with Time & Attendance WORKBENCH * Improve scheduling and customer service with multi-user drag/drop APS WORKBENCH * Real-time MACHINE MONITORING WORKBENCH for OEE

Freedom Technologies Corp.

Shirley Schmidt

QAD Accounts & Partnership Manager



Freedom Technologies offers integration from the “shop floor to the top floor,” through its Error Proof® Manufacturing Execution System. Error Proof® is an advanced, highly scalable MES tightly integrated with QAD supporting companies of all sizes. Our solutions provide shop-floor personnel, supervisors and production management with manufacturing operations visibility through easy-to-use handheld, browser or touch screens to measure productivity, track and trace, send alerts, and collect data from PLC, scales, test equipment and more.

ISS Group

Glenn Weinstein

Chief Financial Officer



ISS Group has been providing eCommerce and Business Process Improvement Solutions to the QAD user community since 1995. Our current solutions for QAD EA include; iApprove (a Rules-Based Electronic Approval Routing Solution), iPurchase (a PO Requisition Management Solution), iRFQ (a Supplier Request for Quotation Management Solution), iQuote (a Customer Sales Quote Management Solution), iCommission (a Sales Commission Management Solution), iFramework (a Rapid Application Development tool for developing Progress based web applications), and iBridge (an Application Integration Solution for QAD EA).

JK Tech US Inc.

Deep Thapliyal

Business Leader, NA

New York


JK Tech is a Global System Integrator for QAD and a powerhouse in the QAD ecosystem.
Our QAD ERP practice has matured over the past 20 years while working with Fortune 500 companies across various industries and our 100+ consultants are highly experienced across various QAD ERP implementation, consulting, support, and managed services. We deliver the right solutions with core technologies and industry-specific solutions in collaboration with our valuable strategic partners.
Being a customer-centric organization, our strategic partnership with QAD empowers the customers to achieve the vision of becoming a smart enterprise.