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Fall 2022 Conference Schedule

  SUNDAY - October 9                                                                                                                                                

 2:00 - 6:00 pm    Registration and Room open for vendor set-up

If you need overnight sleeping accommodations, please call the Westin Poinsett Greenville directly and reference the QAD Southeastern User Group conference to secure your room at the discounted conference rate of $179 (sgl/dbl)


Reservations: (864) 421-9700  |  BOOK YOUR ROOM ONLINE

  MONDAY - October 10                                                                                                                                             

8:30 am    Check-In / Buffet Breakfast

9:30 am    Conference Welcome / KEYNOTE ADDRESS

VP, Global Customer Success
QAD, Inc.

QAD Roadmap & Future Product Direction

What's In It For Me? QAD is changing how we go to market, how we finetune our product suite, how we support our offerings, and how we bring increased value to our customers. Hear QAD talk about the untapped potential that Thoma Bravo helps unleash.

10:30 am      Break / Visit the Exhibits

  CONCURRENT TRACK SESSIONS                                                                                                                                                          




11:00 am

Using the General Ledger in EE for a Better Business


The setup and use of the General Ledger is not just for the accountants any longer. With a good strategy it is possible to leverage the design and use of general ledger to be used by everyone in your business. This session will discuss the possibilities of what can be done with the general ledger in QAD EE and how it can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to provide analytics on your business!

RON WEBSTER - Adaptivity

Process Maps for Fun and Profit!


Whether you’re dealing with a new implemen-tation or a new employee, you’ve got a common underlying challenge: taking someone who’s never seen the software before and turning them into an expert, proficient in using QAD to do their job effectively and efficiently. If you give them a list of programs and menu numbers, though, you’re not helping them much. Sure, they can parrot back what they’ve been told (assuming they remember) but what will they do when the unexpected (or the less-frequently expected) happens? How do you get them to know QAD as intrinsically as they know basic math? At NN Inc, we’re using QAD’s Process Maps to make life easier for our end users by taking the programs that each user runs every day and making them accessible in one place, based on their role.


How Mature is Your Culture of Quality?


Many world class manufacturing businesses have recognized that a pervasive culture of quality throughout the organization allows them to improve margins, customer satisfactions, time to market and more. However, many companies don’t have the knowledge and ability to build that culture. This session will teach you a framework that can help your business build that culture of quality and how it can be sustained throughout your organization.


12:00 pm      Luncheon / Roundtables

1:00 pm

Linux-Based ERP Environments and the Ransomverse of Madness

Those days when organizations in manufacturing felt in control of their Linux-based ERP environment are now a distant memory. The ransomware threat actors are unleashing highly sophisticated, nearly impossible to detect parasitic malware unlocking the door of the Ransomverse, full of extortion and madness. This presentation will debunk the most common Linux security urban legends and demonstrate how some of the most widespread ransomware strains can cause the extinction of our Linux-based ERP environments. Attendees will receive practical advice on how to cope with these evolving threats and ensure their businesses' survivability.

Amatas USA

Effectively Preparing For and Executing
Difficult Conversations

Throughout our careers, we all encounter times where we need to have a difficult conversation with a work colleague. Whether it is to deliver bad news, express dissatisfaction with a current situation or relationship, without preparation, these conversations can go off the rails. In this interactive session, we will provide hands on training on how to effectively prepare for and then execute a difficult conversation that you can begin using immediately.

DAVID KWO - Logan Consulting

What Poor Quality Costs Your Business


Even a minor quality spill can have major, unforeseen consequences. This session will provide insights on the disruptions caused by a quality issue and highlight those impacts both with industry examples as well as with quantitative data. Furthermore, we will also provide the audience guidelines on how to prevent quality spills from happening and what immediate steps they can take to mitigate risks using the EQMS software.


2:00 pm     Break / Visit the Exhibits

Simplify, Automate, and Optimize QAD Financial Workflows to Improve Operational Efficiency


For any manufacturing organization, one of the most vital operational entities is Finance. The financial capabilities of QAD ERP provide a powerful and critical solution for financial reporting, accounting, management of business performance, revenue recognition and compliance and audit requirements. Learn how to optimize QAD Financials with powerful complementary tools that extend, integrate, automate and simplify areas of QAD Financials to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with all manufacturing financial workflows. These proven solutions will ensure timely and accurate financial reporting, Improve efficiencies of accounting processes, and reduce risk of errors or incomplete histories.

Strategic Information Group

Data Collection-Wireless Scanning and Labeling: How to Maximize Effectiveness and ROI


Portable, mobile data collection is critical to ensuring that transactions are reported to QAD accurately in real-time. Material identification with labeling is essential for internal tracking and satisfying customer requirements. In this session, we will discuss the necessary data collection hardware, software, implementation and deployment strategies to ensure success with these technologies. We will discuss data collection project metrics and lessons learned from Eagle/QAD implementations across all verticals.

JIM MICELI - Eagle Consulting & Development

Rolling Out EQMS in Your Enterprise


Implementation of software is never an easy task. However with the correct methodology and team, you can help ensure a smooth transition into the cloud. In this session, the EQMS implementation team focuses on the best practices and pitfalls of rolling out EQMS for your organization.

Thirdware Solution

2:30 pm

3:30 pm     Break / Visit the Exhibits

Manufacturing to the Power of Digital!
Open any industry publication these days and you will find article after article about digital manufacturing, but what is it, really? Come join us to learn about Digital Manufacturing and how your QAD solutions support your journey to digital transformation. Also in this session, we will take a deeper dive into Digital Manufacturing to where the “boots-on-the-ground” make manufacturing magic happen every day via Production Execution, Automation Solutions, and Asset Management. 


Remove Layers of Technical Complexity from EDI ERP to Cut Cost and Eliminate Potential Failure Points


Manufacturers recognize the contribution that QAD’s eCommerce EDI makes to manufacturing supply chain efficiency and success. Keeping productivity up while keeping costs low is key to a competitive advantage. But EDI is complex; requirements and rules around your own business as well as those of your trading partners are constantly changing. Strategic Information Group’s EDI solutions team will show you how to reduce the cost, complexity and time associated with EDI setup, management, and maintenance with a comprehensive range of EDI solutions and services designed with manufacturers in mind.

Strategic Information Group

Why Quality is "Quool"


EQMS Integrates to Help your Business Reach Quality Excellence -- As Quality Management Systems continue to become more complex, integration to other systems has become vital. Configuration between ERP, PE, AS and SRM enables manufacturers to tie operational and receiving data and quality processes together to ensure a higher level of quality management.


4:00 pm

5:00 -        Vendor Reception / Networking
6:30 pm    Talk to the vendors, network with fellow QAD users. Light hors-d'oeuvres and drinks (with tickets) provided.

  TUESDAY - October 11                                                                                                                                             

   7:30 am      Buffet Breakfast / Roundtables

8:30 am


Join us to learn about our exciting new flagship program – QAD Elevate. Designed to seamlessly help you upgrade to QAD’s modern Adaptive ERP system with a dedicated QAD team to quickly implement for a fraction of the cost. Learn how you can benefit – it’s affordable, easy and fast!


9:30 am     Break / Visit the Exhibits

  CONCURRENT TRACK SESSIONS                                                                                                                                                          





Optimize QAD Cycle Counting

Learn how to optimize your QAD cycle count program to improve inventory metrics, save money and reduce or eliminate the need for expensive physical inventories. We will review setting and maintaining ABC parameters, setting count requirements, how to provide objective root cause analysis and how to improve inventory accuracy based on root cause and corrective action plans.

TANYA CANNON - Adaptivity


QAD Upgrade Success Story and Becoming the Master of Your Data

Are you preparing for an upgrade to QAD? Is your QAD data Incomplete?, Inaccurate?, Separated by silos?, Outdated?, Flooded with duplicates? You’re not alone. Managing Master Data is one of the biggest challenges during any ERP upgrade. The Lubrizol Corporation didn’t wait until they were in the middle of their QAD upgrade project to tend to their Master Data and open Transactional Data struggles and they reaped the rewards of those efforts during the upgrade process. Eric Cruz was Lubrizol’s QAD Master Data hero, and you can be too! Come to this session and learn valuable steps to prepare your Data for an upgrade. Whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest version of QAD or if you are looking to clean up your existing version of QAD, this session is for you!

ERIC CRUZ - The Lubrizol Corporation


Our EQMS Story and Impact on Our Business
There is no better endorsement for EQMS than from the manufacturers using it. This session focuses on how you can improve your EQMS journey from the perspective of an EQMS customer. From implementation to deployment, you will learn about the success they have had using the software and how it has positively impacted their business

MIKE PAYIONK - PennEngineering
QAD, Inc.

 9:45 am

  10:45 am     Break / Visit the Exhibits

VIAM Manufacturing, Inc. Case Study:
KPIs and Event Trigger Reports

Eric Dossa (Director of IT) from VIAM Manufacturing, Inc. will present examples of business leader and company performance analytics in multiple areas ranging from Financials to Inventory using Cyberquery. The goal in mind is to present accurate information to upper management in order to make critical business decisions that will affect the company’s future growth as well as react to immediate, operational issues detected as a result of the reporting. Time permitting, Tom Oldham and Mike Main will also present new and upcoming functionality in Cyberquery.

TOM OLDHAM - Cyberscience

Progress QAD Managed Services

Managing data is only a small part of what you do with your QAD application — that's why it’s so important to keep, collect and use that data in an efficient manner. Managing your data and database is no small feat when trying to make decisions and take actions to benefit your business. This session will show you how the powerful combination of Progress Managed Services can help you manage your data, maximize your database performance, and facilitate quick and efficient accessibility to reporting for all your business needs


Optimizing Your Quality Journey With the
Supply Chain Prophets

Supply Chain Prophets give you timely and relevant insights and best practices from industry leaders. Quality and your supply chains are inherently interwoven. Join us in this lively and relevant panel discussion with supply chain quality and delivery experts to help improve the resilience of your business’s supply chain as you navigate current and future challenges.


  11:00 am

  12:00 - 1:00 pm     Conference Wrap-up / Lunch To-Go / Vendor Giveaways

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